The ARMD (Assemblée de Restauration de la Musique D'ni) is a French community created with the hope and aim of recreating D'ni music. We are currently working on organology and archeomusicology.
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Myst's Music with the Armd's instruments

Monday, July 28, 2008

Alan Petrie SMITH announce

Musicological Research Society was contacted by his patron & Financial , the British Archéo-Musicologist, Alan Petrie SMITH.

He said he is aware (we don't know how) some interesting places in the City proper own off AeGura. A.P.SMITH wants to organize an expedition to "remove" any written or sound document ... We have no idea what is the thought of DRC ... or even if the DRC is aware ...

if you are interested by a project like this, contact us.

Turjan from ARMD

Sunday, December 30, 2007

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1200 or thereabouts: Turjan's concert
1300: Season 2 anticipation party starts
1400: Jacquet's Fun Day in the Hall of Kings, Ae'gura

Sunday, December 9, 2007

An Early d'ni fiddle ???

This early three-stringed bowed instrument could have been used by the D'ni. We have no real evidence at the moment to support this. Regardless, we are already working on recreating this instrument, for the project "11" of Subternean Restoration. This project is part of the restoration of a piece of music from the Age of Laki'ahn.

Listen the Early bowed instrument

Restoration Project : The Ahnomeprad

Recent excavations reveal several interesting elements that add to our knowledge of D'ni music. Though the DRC has not confirmed this yet, the pieces seem to be constituent parts of a music instrument. The elements were too damaged to start a direct reconstruction, but an ARMD team is already working on various prototypes to find out what this device may have been.
The Ahnomeprad is the prototype.
Its an instrument made with mineral; the principle of this "Harp with crystals Bows" is very similar to the Euphone. Sticks of Crystal are rubbed with the wet fingers, the resulting Vibrations are then transmitted to a metal stick.

Our instrument is evolving constantly. Currently we are using the Third version.

Listen the Ahnomeprad

The Ahnomeprad with the Maral-Obe

Maral-Obe (D'ni Oboe)

We know little about the musical instruments used by the Dn'i. The only thing we know for certain is the use of the Maral-Obe. This instrument is a kind of oboe which may sound a bit like the armenian DuDuk, but there is a document that suggests it might be closer to the sound of a baroque oboe. However, there is the similarity shared by the Maral-Obe and the DuDuk, the cylindrical bore with ten holes to consider.

Click to listen two different sounds of Maral-obe

With somes documents , we are making a reconstruction of this instrument. Here are two screen shots of our preparatory work:

Listen the Maral-Obe

Saturday, December 8, 2007

D'ni Music Discovery

The D'ni culture had several different ways to transcribe music. Further information can be foundhere. This a WebSite by Dohmahreh . We believe that every instrument and every musical style probably had its own system of notation. Those systems could vary according to the various musical styles present across the long and complex history of D'ni.

The Concert hall of Ae'gura provided numerous documents whose meanings remain mostly unsolved. However, with RAWA's translations and some rare audio documents, it is possible for us to deduce some of the mechanisms of D'ni musical notation.